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Gwiji is a digital platform that improves the connection between casual cleaners and their clients thereby ensuring convenience, improving trust and preventing exploitation for both parties.


Our Purpose

Get access to instant cleaning jobs in your area


Our mission

At Gwiji, we aim to financially empower low-income women by leveraging their unique skillsets through more efficient means.


Our product

Gwiji is a digital platform in the form of a mobile application that improves the connection between casual cleaners and their clients. Our cleaners are vetted for their integrity and professionalism ensuring that our clients are only served by the best.


Our Vision

At Gwiji, we seek to incorporate the low income segment of the population in to the digital economy, towards a more inclusive society.

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More than just an app

About gwiji

In Kenya, more than 1.3 million women living in the slums of Nairobi are unemployed due to lack of formal education. Casual cleaning for upmarket suburban households provides a safe haven for these women, allowing them to earn a legitimate living and support their children. However, there exists a mismatch between casual cleaners and their clients where it is difficult for casual cleaners to find work despite the obvious need for their services. Gwiji bridges this gap by making it easier for both parties to find each other in real time, thereby exposing casual cleaners to more work while providing convenience to clients.

How it Works

How to get started with gwiji


Install the App

Go to Google Playstore and download Gwiji app on to your mobile device


Setup your profile

Go to your user profile to customize your name, DoB and profile picture


Enjoy the features!

Use Gwiji to order different categories of cleaning services on-demand

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How to Use the Mobile Application


Our team

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Samuel Njeru

Founder, Director

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Elizabeth Mwangi

Founder, Director

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Joshua Isaac

Technical Founder


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Gwiji promises convenience and affordability for clients, and security and guarantee of work for casual cleaners

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